Extension Migration

Migrate from API v1 to v2

API version 2 was introduced along with Ulauncher v5 after migrating from Python 2 to 3.

Required actions:

  1. Remove manifest_version from manifest.json. It’s no longer needed

  2. In the manifest file rename api_version to required_api_version and set its value to "2" Note that we previously recommended to use a “semver” constraint here, but 2 is a valid such constraint and we are moving away from semver in the coming API release, so there is no point in using it.

  3. Migrate your extension to Python 3 manually or by using 2to3 tool

  4. Create a file called versions.json in the root directory of master branch using the following content as a template:

  { "required_api_version": "1", "commit": "<branch name with the pre-migration code>" },
  { "required_api_version": "2", "commit": "<branch name with python3 code>" }

For more details about version.json, see tutorial.

For example, you may choose python2 as a branch name where you keep the old code, which is going to be used by the old Ulauncher app, and master as a branch name where you keep the latest version. In this case the file contents should look like this:

  { "required_api_version": "1", "commit": "python2" },
  { "required_api_version": "2, "commit": "master" }


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